I love doing laundry now!

This post is for anyone who loves chickens ... or antiques ... or nice views.  If you appreciate any of those, then you'll probably appreciate this.  I hope it gives you some ideas.

We lived for 29 years in a multi-level home.  And I do mean multi!  It was a split-ranch, but we had finished the basement into a family room and then raised the roof and added two bedrooms and a bath above the main living area (with the original three bedrooms and a bath on the split level in between).  We referred to the top floor as the mountain top.  It was great for our large family, but when we moved six years ago and became empty nesters, our goal was one-floor living.  We bought a one-story ranch, and to make that dream a reality, we added on a laundry room/sun room next to the kitchen. 

I had been hanging onto some antiques for years with this vision in mind.  The enamel top table and cabinet belonged to my great-aunt.  They were rusting out, but we rubbed them with steel wool and sprayed them with appliance paint, and they look like new.  Because this new space is next to the kitchen, I gained an extra sink and counter space for food preparation and clean-up when we have the whole family at our house for holidays.

 On top of the wall cabinets are some of my treasures.  The wash board and basin on the right belonged to my grandmother. And here's where the chicken lovers come in: my girlfriend gave me the antique chicken crate that was from her aunt's farm. This made it easy to tie a chicken theme into this room.

I love doing laundry now!  It is hard to dislike folding clothes when you're in a room with some of your favorite things and have a grand view of the outdoors!

And now for the final salute to chickens. My uncle was an artist and painted this painting of chickens many, many years ago.  I held onto it for a long time, way before I even had chickens.  It fits right in!

It's hard to tell which I like the most -- the room, the antiques, the chickens, or the view.  I feel so blessed and thankful to God for giving us all of this!

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  1. For some reason, your pictures aren't showing up?


    1. Hi Janet. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for letting me know that the photos weren't showing up on this post. I fixed the links and I believe they are showing now. Blessings to you, Katie.