Country Furnishings

My husband and I have a love for  making distressed country style furnishings.  He does the woodworking, and I do the staining, painting and distressing.  It's art and skill that we enjoy doing together! Here are some of the pieces we've made.


Milking Table

Coffee Table


TV Cabinet, closed
TV Cabinet, open

Jelly Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet


Nightstand Shelf

Bathroom Shelf


Entry Bench

 Frames and Wall Decor

Framed Mirrors

Pot Rack
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  1. Well done!! Love it all. Hope you all did O.K. during the recent Sandy storms.

  2. Thank you so much Charlotte. I appreciate your comment. Thanks for thinking of those of us in the east during Sandy. Where we are located was spared. We continue to pray for and offer support to those who are suffering. Thanks for "visiting." ~Katie

  3. I love the night stand and pot rack ideas!! I'm a homeschooling mom of four on a small homestead and am looking forward to the time when my little ones are more grown up so I can start doing these things again! But I'll wait patiently as I know the time will fly too fast. :-)