Keeping Chickens

When I was a young girl, we had ducks, and I
always wanted chickens.  That dream finally came true when a farm friend gave me two little chicks.  I had to scurry to learn as much as I could about housing and taking care of them. There was so much information out there, it felt overwhelming.  I extracted what I could, and then we brooded our chicks, designed and built our hen house, and built up our first flock.  Our backyard chicken hobby is very rewarding and now, many years later, we're having so much fun with it!

Meet the Maple Grove Chickie-Babes

In the world of blogging, I've learned that there are all kinds of chicken keepers. . . some get into all the frills, bells and whistles, some into diagnosis and treatment, some into breeding or showing, and anywhere in between. As you read my blog, I want you to know what to expect. My approach to keeping chickens is basic and simple, applying common sense and natural applications. I'm not a breeder, nor a therapeutic practitioner.  I provide my chickens with food, shelter, care and protection and have had great success with it.  I share my simple lessons here for those who would like to learn and see that chicken keeping doesn't have to be difficult or overwhelming. I suspect the way I keep chickens is a lot like the way my grandparents did.

Hen House Design

Brooding Chickens

Discovering the Outdoors

Free Range Chickens

Talking Chicken

Breakfast of Champions

Egg Laying Training

Chickens and Children

Nesting Boxes

Egg Laying Breakthrough

Cleaning the Hen House

Keeping Chickens in Winter

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Eggs of a Different Color

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