Breakfast of Champions

Everyone benefits from eating a good breakfast, including chickens!  The Chickie-Babes look forward to beginning each day with a wholesome breakfast. I mix up and store this combo in a clean 5-gallon bucket with a lid.  Then each morning I serve up a large scoopful to the Babes.

Breakfast of Champions

  • 7 lb. cracked corn
  • 5 lb. sunflower seed hearts
  • 5 lb. Manna Pro Poultry Conditioner (contains flax seeds)
  • 3 lb. rolled oats

Hey Mikey, they like it!

The Chickie-Babes are some healthy gals.  Year-round they receive a daily regimen of layer mix with added calcium, and most days they free-range so they can forage for greens and insects.  This little treat in the morning increases their health potential by protecting their digestive and immune systems and giving them a boost of energy. These photos were taken when the Chickie-Babes were 15 weeks old, before they began laying eggs.

The evidence of excellent health is a brightening of color and shine in their feathers, eyes, wattles and combs.

Fast-forward seven weeks.  These beautiful pullets are 22 weeks old in this photo and have just begun to lay eggs.  They are healthy and energetic.  When I bring their breakfast to them in the morning, they get excited, and the chow it down.  Their coats are smooth and shiny, and I would say their healthy breakfast has contributed to their vitality!  

In the winter, since there is not as much forage available, the Chickie-Babes get a scoop of the Champion mix in the evening too. This stimulates their digestive systems, which burns some digestive fuel and helps to keep them warmer through the cold nights.  (Tip:  I also can lure them into the hen house anytime I want to by leading them with a little scoop of the mix.  They love it!)

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  1. How long does the mix last you, approximately? They look so happy!

    1. I give them less in the warmer weather than I do in the winter. It will last for several weeks for six hens. Thanks for coming by and commenting! ~Katie

  2. I've been looking for a healthy treat for the girls… i have 8 girls and i'm loving the newest adventure i have recently started. my husband wanted sex links and i thought the other ones were cute…. thank you for your insights and advice. i'm sure i'll be back to check for more opinions and advice.