Flaunt it if you can

The 2012 Canning Season at Maple Grove has come to its close.  The past two months have been full of the sweet smells, fresh tastes, and inviting feels of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. The work seems long, but the season is so short! 
These photos reflect the sights and colors of the late summer days of canning, and I say if you work this hard, if you aim to please, if you CAN, then go ahead and flaunt it!

Each canning day begins with the pleasure and privilege of handling the fresh-picked fruits or vegetables.  You collect them from your own field or go to the local farm market to buy them.  You gather them into baskets or boxes and then give them a good washing.

Roma Apples

Chambersburg Peaches

Ambrose Tomatoes

Ambrose Peppers, Tomatoes, Onion and Garlic
The cleaned produce is prepared for cooking. Whether chopped by hand or processed through equipment that is hand-cranked or electric-operated, this step usually takes a chunk of your time.

Other ingredients are added according to your recipes, often including sugar, seasonings, lemon or vinegar. 

Food Processor

Food Mill and Strainer
You gather all of your canning equipment and spend hours over a hot stove, heating the jars and stirring the sauces.  The tantalizing scents begin to fill the house.

Canning equipment is assembled

Stirring the sauce, reducing its volume

Heating the jars in the boiling-water canner

Finally, you  are ready to fill the jars with the prepared goods.  This is a such a satisfying moment in the canning process.  Even though you still have to clean up the mess, the bulk of the work is done, and you can't help but smile when you hear the "ping" of the jars as the lids seal.  And you know it was a successful day.

Red Hots Applesauce

Sweet Red Pepper Relish

Zesty Salsa

Displaying the finished canned goods is so rewarding.  You've worked so hard.  The results look so good.  And you know your family and friends are going to be pleased and well fed.  So go ahead . . . flaunt your satisfaction!

Right side up, or upside down?

Step in Time

Welcome Fall

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  1. Very impressive! As a brand new canner, I can appreciate the work that went into this.

    Your sweet pepper relish recipe is the best!

    1. Thanks! It does take a lot of time. We didn't try to do it all at once. We gave it a day or two a week over several weeks. You have to be able to give it at least four hours at a time so that you can enjoy it and not feel tense. The rewards are worth it! I love that sweet pepper relish too. I can't get enough of it! Thanks for commenting!

  2. WOW!!! What an impressive group of shots detailing your days these past weeks. You are definitely ready for winter. I gave up canning a good while back, but I remember well the time and effort it takes. The end result is worth that effort. Beautiful collection of photos. genie

    1. Thank you Genie! I have to say that everything is more fun since I started blogging. It's the creative challenge to complete each task with more artistry and the idea of sharing with others. I really appreciate your kind comments!

  3. Oh that looks so delicious, and with all the work you put forth I am sure it is. Lovely collection of shots of the entire process. Thanks for joining Nancy's Your Sunday Best.

    1. Thank you Deanna. We're looking forward to enjoying summer's bounty this winter. It was a good year for vegetables in our area! Thank you for the compliment; it was my joy and privilege to join in on Your Sunday Best!

  4. I know how much work it is just to put up a few quarts of tomatoes, so my hat's off to you, Katie. Your finished products make a pretty picture. :)

    1. Thank you Nancy. It is a joy to be part of Your Sunday Best!

  5. The photograph of your jars of freshly canned food is spectacular!

    1. Thank ye so much! You should have seen my hubby's face when I told him I wanted to take all the jars outside to photograph them! hehehe