Egg Laying Breakthrough

We had an egg-laying breakthrough at Maple Grove this week!  Four out of the six chickens that were hatched in April are now laying.  Just when I thought that the three delayed layers were going to hold off until after winter, Henny Haha pulled through seven weeks behind the three who were already laying. We still have two who are not laying, but we're currently getting four eggs a day from six chickens. In the middle of November, we're very happy with that!

If you're still waiting for your spring chicks to lay, don't give up yet.  The tell-tale signs of them being ready hold true, so watch for them.  A couple of days ago, I saw Henny coming out of the nesting box, and yesterday she squatted for the first time when I approached her.  Today she joined the big girl club and laid her first egg.  Yeah, Henny--way to go!  You can read more about signs of hens about to lay in my post on Egg Laying Training Week

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