Chicken Feeder Candy Dish

What a cute and inexpensive candy dish in time for spring and Easter!  Buy and wash a galvanized chick feeder from your local Tractor Supply or farm feed store.  Fill a mason jar with candy and attach it to the feeder.  What could be more simple?


  1. Love this idea...I'm hoping to stop at our feed store this week....thank you for the lovely idea.

    1. Thanks Faith. I appreciate your support! ~Katie

  2. I made it out to the feed store and they had one...:) so I made my own using a Atlas mason jar my husband's grandmother gave us. I blogged about it a few days ago, and couldn't remember where I saw the I searched it out...and there you were all the time farm chick chit chat, I updated my blog to credit you for the grand idea....:)

  3. Thank you Faith. And thanks for coming back! I found your blog too! ~Katie