A Refreshing and Healthy Smoothie Drink

This smoothie drink is super delicious and nutritious.  A dear friend gave me the recipe recently, and I've been enjoying this healthy drink every day since . . . just in time for the warmer weather!  It is so easy and you can always have the ingredients on hand.  Here's how I make it in my single-serve blender:

Pour 1 C. skim milk into the blender (or almond milk or coconut milk)
Add 1 handful of fresh spinach leaves (you can store spinach leaves for smoothies in the freezer)
Sprinkle with approximately 1/4 t. ground ginger and 1/2 t.  ground cinnamon (you'll adjust how much of the spices to sprinkle after you've tried it a few times)
Add 1 T. honey
Add a handful each of frozen strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.
(You could also add 1/2 banana and/or some yogurt. I haven't tried that yet.  You can really experiment with what you like or have on hand.)
Blend until smooth. Drink, enjoy, and be healthy!

I have a Hamilton Beach Personal Blender. It blends quickly and smoothly. The container can be removed from the base and used as a glass. It even has a tapered travel shape and sipping lid.

If you would like to print out this recipe, click on the print button below. When the window opens, you can click on a box at the top to remove images.

I received the original recipe for this smoothie from my friend Becky at Thoughts from a Daughter of a King.

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  1. That is a great little blender, Katie. So glad you are enjoying the smoothie!

  2. Sounds yummy! We like smoothies. Just never got the gang to accept the greens in them.

  3. I keep thinking I will like smoothies some day - but I still don't! It must be a texture thing with me - or perhaps the fact that I do not like milk does it ?? But it looks so pretty before blended!