The Nativity of Our Lord Presented in Verse and Song

 The Nativity of Our Lord
The Nativity of Our Lord
I began collecting Fontanini nativity figures soon after I got married and have added one or more figures to my collection each year.

As I arrange the scenes, I recall the Biblical narrative, and I am reminded how much we in the world today are not so different from the people who lived at the time of the birth of Christ.

Some people wait in eager anticipation for His (re)appearance. Some worship and adore Him as the promised Messiah, Savior and King. Some believe the truth of His message and others do not. Some seek Him, while others reject or despise Him.  I created this video presentation of the Nativity with narration and music to encourage all who view it to consider their own relationship to Christ, the Prince of Peace.

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God Bless You

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