Christmas Decorating Series - Part 4 : Tour of Trees

In the fourth and final post of the Christmas Decorating series, I'll take you on a tour of some of my themed Christmas trees.  I'll also show you a few other Christmas decorations and vignettes.

This is the tree that we call The Family Christmas Tree. Every Christmas since we were married we have bought each other a tree ornament.  When the children came along, we started buying one for each of them too.  Each of us has a box for storing our ornaments.  When our children got married and left home, they got to take their box of ornaments with them.  It gives them joy to see those childhood memories on their own Christmas trees.  We use multi-color lights on this tree and decorate it with our personal ornaments and photos of our family.  This is our main Christmas tree.  It is very special, so  we set it up in the family room. Tip: Since our ceiling is high, we built a wooden box to set the tree on, giving it additional height.  We bought the brightly colored, striped blanket on a vacation in Mexico.  It reminds us of a happy memory.

This is The Santa Tree.  It has all red lights, and every ornament on it is a Santa Claus, reindeer, elf or stocking.  Our kids were kind enough to leave some or their ornaments behind for this tree.  A small red ladder with flexible Santas climbing the rungs is an added display feature.  Tip: Sometimes I like to put some of the smaller trees in antique crocks.

Tip: One year I found some nice looking ornament hooks (left).  They are a little stronger and better looking than the traditional ornament hooks.

 I call this tree the Starberry Tree.  I tucked sprays of berries and stars in among the branches and amber lights.

This is a very primitive, rustic looking tree, also with amber lights, the starberry sprays and wooden clip-on candles that my son made for me.

My son made these wooden clip-on candles using dowel rods, thin pieces of wood, a scroll saw, wood glue, craft paint, clothes pins, and pieces of evergreen that he cut off of an inexpensive garland. I love them, and I think of him when I put them on the tree.

 This is the Irish Chrismon tree.  With all green lights, it is decorated with ornaments that are white, green, or gold that are Christian symbols and/or Irish designs.

Many years ago, when my children were old enough to make crafts, we made these Chrismon ornaments using styrofoam, white and gold colored beads, gold craft pins and white glue.  We cut out the shapes from the styrofoam, dipped a short pin in white glue, poked it through a bead and stuck it in the styrofoam.  It was a fun project that we are reminded of every year when we get out the ornaments and put them on the tree. 

I call this tree  the O Holy Night Tree.  The silver and clear ornaments and blue lights give the room a calm, peaceful feeling.

 This trio of small trees with white lights and only white bows for decorations adds a tranquil feeling to our bedroom, so I call it Heavenly Peace (as in "Sleep in heavenly peace.")  A small white nativity sits beneath its branches.

I like to set up a cocoa bar with fun Christmas mugs.  When family or friends come to visit, they enjoy having a special drink in a special mug.

I use old train houses that belonged to my parents, snow blankets and white lights to set up a fun snow scene in a red cabinet.  When I look at this display, I can still picture these houses on the toy train display that was in our home when I was growing up.

Fresh lemons and limes make a nice display, along with clementines decorated with whole cloves.

I like to tie evergreen sprays to the dining room chairs with Christmas ribbons that have wire edges to hold their shape, and jingle bell ornaments.  I used to use gather real evergreens, but they shed needles a lot so I bought some artificial evergreens that look real.  It's nice to have them on hand each year to use again and again.  Guests feel special and welcome when they pull up to the table on a festively decorated chair.

Thank you for joining me on this tour of Christmas trees and decorations.  I hope you came away with some ideas for decorating your own home.  Merry Christmas to all!  God bless you!

Christmas Decorating Series

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  1. Everything is lovely! I love the ladder on the Santa tree. The Starberry tree is my favorite; and the idea of using the crocks is brilliant!

    1. Thank you Becky! I like the Starberry tree a lot too! Thank you for your feedback! I saw your decorations on FB. I love what you do! God bless you!

  2. Beautiful trees! I love those clip-on wooden candles. Crafty son!

    1. Haha . . . he IS a crafty son indeed! Thanks for reading and commenting! God bless you!

  3. Read your precious post and really enjoyed it. Liked Christmas tree and decoration. I am grateful for this post.

  4. Thank you. I am so glad you enjoyed it, and I really appreciate you taking time to comment. Have a blessed Christmas!