Hanging Mason Jar Candleholders and Dangling Bead Strands

It started out as a summer project, but it was the winter that surprised and gripped me!  Mason jar candleholders and shiny beads to hang in our beloved Maple tree!  Summer evenings bring grilling outdoors and sitting around the fire ring.  How lovely it is to linger under the canopy of maple leaves and see the candles glowing in the jars and the strings of beads dangling in the breeze.

When the coolness of fall turned the leaves to gold and forced the arms of the tree to shed her garment, the decorations became all the more visible, and I knew then and there that I would leave them on the tree all winter.

As the Christmas season approached, I thought how colorful it would be to tie red bows on the hangers of the jars.

The greatest delight of all is how the beads capture the sunlight and shine like diamonds, especially against the backdrop of white snow.  Pictures can't even begin to do them justice, but they look like glimmering icicles sparkling in the winter frost.  From inside the house, sitting by the warm glow of the fireplace, I can look out the windows and enjoy the dazzling display. And in the evening, when the sun goes down, the candleholders cast their gentle spell (thanks to some battery-operated candles with timers.)

Hang your candleholders and bead strands wherever you want to enjoy them.  And enjoy them you will! We are just crazy enough to climb up on a ladder in the cold of winter to change the batteries in the candles! You would too, right?  Right?

It is my pleasure to give credit for this idea to my friend, Kate from Farmhouse 38.  I adore her "bedazzled" grapefruit tree in the center of her California garden.  Go check it out!  Kate's decorating style, artistry and creative flair are beyond compare.  Once you visit her blog, you'll keep going back for more.  Have fun!

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